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Comet Lode - Copa Hill


The Early Mines Research Group has no formal membership or subscription, nor does it publish any regular newsletter or bulletin. It exists solely to carry out excavation and research into the origins of metal mining and metallurgy in Britain and to disseminate these findings through refereed academic and popular publications and other forms of media.


Volunteers are occasionally required on larger archaeological excavation projects, but some prior experience of digging is usually preferred.


Enquiries regarding the work of the Group and on-going or new projects should be addressed to Simon Timberlake.


Correspondence directed to Paul Craddock, Brenda Craddock, David Jenkins, Phil Andrews, John Pickin, Tim Mighall and Anthony Gilmour will be forwarded-on from the above mail link.


Check News & Updates for latest projects, publications and discoveries.




David Bick, mining historian and lifetime supporter of early miners.



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